Zakk Wylde SG Guitar

In 1979, Gibson produced a very small batch of block inlay Flying V’s. The number of guitars is estimated to be fewer than 50 although a production number.

5 lots are known as Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, etc.  All guitars have a mahogany body in one piece and shipped from the Gibson factory with a short bar Vibrola Tremelo, there were three different versions.  No guitars had an installed plant Stop Bar Tailpiece.  Guitars batch # 1 – # 4, all of which were made in 1966 (2) and 1967 had a single piece of mahogany guitars neck.The Lot No. 5, which were all made in 1969, had a three-piece mahogany V neck.The travel first delivered in 1966 was a prototype Sunburst had unique characteristics, especially with the pickguard and electronics. 

It is presented on this site along with many other examples.Most end of the pickguard assemblies were probably built at the same time due to the fact that most of the original pots on the V of the 1960 Code of pot 1376630 (30th week of 1966). There are a few 1376629.  Furthermore, the plant fed machine for wiring harness son pickup, located in the cavity of the active ingredient’s degree of body channels  . plant required additional labor routing .This was to the fact that the son who extended microphones pots were cut too short when the protective plates were fabricated assembly. 

The width of the nut used on all 175  guitars were 1 & nbsp; 9/16 inches. The width of the nut was introduced in the summer of 1965 and was used on many Gibson electric guitars until the early 1980s Tuners that were used on the flight batch production V: 1-4 tuners were Kluson Deluxe double ring & nbsp ;. Tuners used on lot 5 vol Vs built in 1969 were double ring Gibson Deluxe tuners.  Both tuners were identical except for the name inscription on the back, Kluson Deluxe or Deluxe Gibson.  The standard finishes used on Zakk Wylde SG Guitar were Cherry Sunburst, Sparkling Burgundy and Walnut. 

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