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The application of the Gibson Flying V White For SaleĀ rare and elusive suddenly increased due to its new exhibition, which prompted Gibson to issue a new model Flying V in 1966. This second version of the V had a mahogany body and neck, a larger pickguard, a modified form of the doll, a triangular configuration button control and a traditional stop tailpiece or Vibrola Gibson instead of the chain not-through-body tailpiece V-shaped However, the new version was barely more successful than its predecessor. Just 111 guitars delivered in 1966, and shipments declined each year thereafter, until the guitar was discontinued in 1970.

Jimi Hendrix was the most notable guitarist to adopt this second version of the V. In 1969, Gibson has built a one-of-a-kind custom Flying V left for him, with gold-plated hardware, pearl Gibson logo inlay and split-diamond fingerboard inlays Trini Lopez style. Hendrix used his famous V used to perform several songs in 1970 at the Festival of the isle of Wight. Keith Richards has also attracted attention when he played a late fifties V to many guitarists Rolling Stones Hyde Park concert July 5, 1969.

In 1971, Gibson produced a limited set of V Medallion Flying model, which was essentially identical to the 1966 version, except its head shorter ankle. The company produced only 350 Medallion Vs. The Flying V has returned to regular production for a third time in 1975 with a similar version of 1966 V, and since then, some variation of the Flying V has remained a regular production model line solid body electric guitar Gibson.
Request of the Flying V has reached a critical mass in the seventies that the hard-rock and metal guitarists fell for his aggressive style. Playing with UFO, Michael Schenker played a white 1975 Gibson Flying V, which he decorated later with a mirror image pattern Negative distinctive black and white.

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