White Gibson Flying V

V-Shaped Guitar Gallery from Ed Roman King of Guitars Las Vegas. … Explorer Shaped Guitars Gibson Les Paul Copies Firebird Shaped Guitars. Abstract V Shaped Guitars … Of Randy Rhoads’ V Prices Start at $2,400.00 for exhibition grade.

I collect guitars equipped with Floyd Rose high quality (which is one of my favorites), but the time has come to thin the herd if this gem will go to the lucky winner.I bought this new guitar at the end of 2011 and have kept in his bo te original (studio in my climate control ‘) since. There is absolutely no fuss and still in its original factory condition. I bought two of these guitars and this is the last I have to offer for sale. 

The other has already been sold on e-bay so if you are considering adding one of these to your collection, this could be your last chance to buy one that has never been the case in the except the configuration and again to these pics.It was shipped from the factory with a very poor job configuration (crew Gibson knows nothing about setting up guitars equipped with Floyd Rose) .He has been properly configured for 0.009 strings with standard tuning E then quickly returned to its case and stored in my workshop. 

The White Gibson Flying V guitar has a low action plays very well and is in perfect harmony as a Floyd Rose Original (made in Germany) equipped guitar should.The guitar is in perfect condition as it was when I re u and I would give it a solid 9.5 (I have yet to see a guitar that deserves a perfect 10 score) since when was the light at just the right angle, you can see some scratches very, very thin in the finish ( Most Gibson guitars are like this from the factory) .The neck and head stock are perfect, absolutely zero fret wear, no cracks or imperfections notables, etc. 

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