Gibson Flying V Vintage Guitar

Quite possibly the most distinctive electric guitar ever produced. Made by Gibson in the late 50’s, the Flying V’s model name perfectly describes its shape.

I do not like the fact that there are just too many signature models of recovery. The one I liked was the Vee Vee Hendrix because of the paint job. And why not Chrissie Hynde had a Tele model bears his name. And Grace Potter is anyhow The Google and see. It is probably known to you and Tequila Make Me Crazy duet with Kenney Chesney. Personally, I’ve been checking his Bonnaroo Music since 2008. She kicks a ## and take names. Axis decent player and great singer. It reminds me of Joss Stone … LOVE EM.

Come on guys … pick up the guitar, strap on … feel the balance, like it Play a few chords, comfortable Play riffs, smooth enough for you action … No dead spots Find an amp you like to hear played by humbuckers time & amp; plug ‘er in, got the tonal variety you crave Check crafts, no burrs, nicks or edges high binding Step back and check the design & amp; finish like what you see Well … then why should you care what the name of the rider is on the Gibson Flying V Vintage Guitar.

I had the same reaction to their fellow guitarists in the 60s when I bought a big body Gibson Trini Lopez. They asked “What do you buy a Trini Lopez Barney Kessel is a much better guitarist … would you rather not T model” & Nbsp; I said No They asked: “Why not” I replied:. Because Barney Kessel will not have to play … I am “I still have my Trini Lopez 40 years later the legendary Barney Kessel lived until 2004 … and never played. … not once! 

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