Gibson Flying Vee Guitar

Gibson flying v (roodachtig hout) met koffer met papieren altijd in koffer gezeten en goed behandeld.

I also like the look. This Gibson Flying Vee Guitar is so metal, but I do not think I’ll scare old ladies with it. It is subtle in its symmetry and simplicity. It is the most beautiful I’ve ever owned (and Jaguars looks pretty impressive) guitar. I have nothing to compare it to, it’s my first HH guitar.This is a 2007 model and has the same major problems in the functions that each Gibson. THEY OFFER NONE. The difference between olny Gibsons is color. They do not offer fretbords ebony or locking trems. You have no choice of what you get on your guitars. You get a rosewood board and an air o matic. How boring.

Well, I can not complain hear. For the money you pay for what you get a good guitar sounds preaty in Vee. I pluged in my jsx and Has sounded prety good. The notes were clear and the attack was good. This is the best Gibby’s I’ve ever played. If they made Les Paul at this price and they sounded this good they might be ok guitar. Now the problems. Their dead notes on acute strings S 14 17 and 21 12 fret on the B and E strings. This is a major problem for a metal guitar player like myself.

Gibson should not say they are a factory set up. It dosent matter anyway because we frets are uneven and if you lower the action while you get great fret buzz and more deaths than the prior notes. The ebony finish was but he runs in the clear coat and 1k is unacctpabal. The untune o matic Bridge (lol I’m so smart) is not level and I could not do intoneate. Gibson needs to get its problems contr Straghtend on quailty or they will go down the toilet. 

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