Gibson Flying V2

Sorry! The item Gibson Flying V Custom is not part of our current product range anymore. … Jackson KVT Pro King V BK … Kramer Guitars SM-1 Vintage White.

This special edition Gibson Flying V Tribal is part of a vast personal collection Guitar collection.This was sometime around 100 guitars. I sold about half of them about 5 years ago after an injury to his left hand to play me even less than before.That compound movements made it hard to keep, so I’ll first auction 30 of them with amps and effects, and so on. I had a hiatus since my last Ebay sold the others, but my evaluation comments are still there and talk to the happiness of those who have acquired my guitars and others, and the level of service I provide, thus you pla t take a look.

The Tribal V had little or no playing time; it was purchased as part of a collection and never left the house. There is no 169 300 and comes with all documents and certificate of authenticity, and original hard case. There are no scratches or marks on this beauty. Everything is there from when I bought it in 2009, including the tremolo arm. Also black Dunlop strap locks. I posted 12 photos of the awards, but more if anyone is interested to see or need clarification .

New Tribal V Limited Edition series from Gibson USA is restricted to just 350 guitars, and all come with a black Gibson hardshell case with white interior and silkscreened Gibson USA logo and a special certificate authenticity.A certain aura of mystery that has always surrounded the legendary Gibson Flying V. Since its introduction in 1958, the Gibson Flying V2 has remained the ultimate symbol of rock and roll rebellion.And although it was not fully embraced until the hard rock and heavy metal movements of the 60s and early 70s, late intense magnetic appeal of the guitar, powerful sound and unusually familiar shape have made it one of the most instantly recognizable guitars in the world. 

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