Vintage Left Handed Guitar

I was looking for a nice short scale and I found it. I know, of course, that the Flying V is not everyone’s cup of tea and that Gibson is not the most.

What I mean is that I know what you mean, and I’m in the same fa, You want a guitar that stands out and is not popular, but loves you. Look, I love almost all the guitars, but the LP is my favorite, and I just want a regular V flight in an impressive finish. perhaps a “58 reissue. When I say Gibson hurts, I mean they lost what made them great in the first part.I’ve played a Les Paul. As aa guitarist, looking for something that is comfortable for a long period of time. The Les Paul is so stupidly heavy.

The Vintage Left Handed Guitar sounds good, but maple is so grueling, I could not play a long time. And I’m not a skinny guy. I love the look and sound of an explorer. Or a Stratocaster. He is a decent weight, so customizable, as opposed to a Les Paul. On a Strat I can replace a pickguard and then put in whatever I want, but with a Les Paul, I’m a little more limited.True, but I would like heaviness, I’m not a big guy, but the weight me.And I will not bother re ois, but I think that everyone who criticizes Gibson’s because they just want a Les Paul shape. 2013 was the year of the Les Paul, and for a while, they even no decision explorers V.

You’re right, I’m a guitarist too and weight and comfort mean a lot to me, but the tone and versatility mean a little more. I prefer a Les Paul for 8-10 pounds weight as solid as it is valid. I’ll buy a SG if I can still get the humbucker tone, I must admit Fender guitars are really easy to customize, I have a couple, but I do not use them for large concerts or recording as well. I’m a little saving so I can get my own custom Les Paul, I painted my Strat so it’s totally personalized.