Grace Potter Flying V Review Guitar

Do you like the Rrace Potter Flying V Review Guitar? What your feeling when you meet it for the first time? I think you are,do you? Pls don’t heisitate to customize a guitar like it belong to your own.

The strap buttons are locked tight, and I’ve never had the strap come off during play. The finish seems to be lasting well at the moment, I regularly polish and clean this guitar though, as I tend to sweat a lot while playing! As I said before this guitar is very well suited to blues, blues rock, prog rock and classic rock. I also have a Fender Strat Mexico, and this guitar beats the socks (even to play blues). I do not regret a second purchase of this guitar, it is the best thing that bought me!

If this guitar were stolen I would rush out to buy another, or to go far to find what was stolen and beat them senseless! I compared it to some other guitars Gibson (SG and Les Paul), and fell in love with the shape, sound and feel of the V. It is a unique sound that only a Flying V can do! The thing I love about this guitar is (as I said before) the fa He literally sings the highest notes, especially when the gain is up against and the neck pickup is used.

I also like the very old school crunchy is possible on the bridge pickup. The only pain is that this guitar is ab * tch to play sitting down, you have to play as a classical guitar between your knees, but improving your game action anyhow, I can not really complain! The first time I bought it, I really miss the lack of a tremolo unit / vibrato on this guitar, and I really wish Gibson did with the old style Vibrola arm, but they are only 75 to buy and dead easy to ride, so it’s really not a big deal.