Kirk Hammet Flying V Guitar

Machine Head’s Robb Flynn was recently featured in a Gibson Artist Spotlight, … He also spoke at length about his love of Gibson Flying V’s.

I think it is obscene. some flash in the pan can get a custom V when someone like Michael Schenker who proudly played V 40 years could not get the time of day and ad go to Dean. and why I try to go to the custom SHOM Gibson for a custom flame top of the V (I tried for 6 years) and they refused to even give me an estimate. I love V and I play for 26 years have owned 31 of them, but what Gibson is doing with their V’S is a joke: take a plain V, a fancy paint color, to sign and then load $ 5K for it. why do you think that Dean and Shecter do so well.

I think the best in the Kirk Hammet Flying V Guitar has already been made and are found on Ebay or in the section Used music store.I also share your opinion. I was a teenager, but even I know there are many players who have used Flying V almost exclusively and could not get a signature model. Albert King, Dave Mustaine, Dimebag Darrell and Kerry King to name a few. I do not hate that she is a wife, she is not really ready. Real, dedicated players deserve signature models.

Gibson is still scraping the bottom of the barrel to try to meet them Population . Heck, if a girl wants to learn to play guitar, it must obtain $ 100 Squier or Epiphone amp as with some of his own parents. If they are serious they will get better and go up and if not drop as an adventure. I also have experience with Gibson Custom Shop, Myself and decided that we would each get a Les Paul quilt top with maple neck and 57 ‘Neck and Jimmy Page Burstbucker in the bridge.