Flying V2 Guitar

The Gibson Flying V is an electric guitar model first released by Gibson in 1958. Gibson first manufactured prototypes of the guitar in 1957.

Well, Mr. Mason, while I agree with you on another pretty lame attempt at adding a special guitar artist that is too expensive (I’m as against the natural color painted over, a nice attention, but hardly news worthy), you are beyond wrong on feedback collection / AMP. Standard Vs come with 500T / 496R hot ceramic pickups. I have one, I play live, I recorded two albums with him. These pickups nothing like the wonderful little Burstbucker Pro Sound, I’d love to hear those guitar, I always thought the V would benefit from some more docile microphones – and yes I do have them in one of my Les Pauls so I ‘m familiar with these pickups as well.

AV with microphones trainer should be a part of the Gibson range IMO standards (or P90, now that would rule). And turn on the volume buttons up and down on your cheapo BC Rich by your Line 6 amp to get the tone of a guitar well, you must have a terrible sense of tone or maybe just do not understand the dynamics of amplifiers, microphones, tubes, different wood, I have dozens of guitars and amps over 30 years, a BC Rich $ 100 (and I own an amazing neck through vintage BC Rich Bich is nothing against the right kind of BC Rich) by Line 6 can not even come close to the incredible sound to say my 1977 Ibanez Les Paul by one of my vintage Sunn amps or my Orange.

The Flying V2 Guitar tone is subjective and in my hands, I understand, but the right equipment makes a huge difference as well and is part of the equation. It took me 25 years to play to finally find the right combination for my tone. I can also do a poor instrument and its fair OK for some, but Gibson guitar have never let me down and never look bad – they are never just OK is always first class. Peace and I hope to maybe try one of these on one day ..