Gibson Voodoo Flying V Guitar

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I got mine second hand from a musical offering, he had a small sratch on the back of the neck, so I got it for 600 CAD, so I would say if I am a new mint, you might get to anywhere from 750 to 1000.It is difficult to play on this guitar in Sittin ‘position.Whats a better SG or Flying V undoubtedly sg ….. i almost had the wheel but I’m a job idiot.Good! Flying V! you can read.yes that this is a pain to play and sit it slides down and then your tone is placed on the handle, I put down in my Thys sitting or put the strap so high for the rest Usually your Thys.

SG guy has if you’ve ever played a gibson but I preffer looks.the Reviews V said Luks better in white on white – white Rekon on black.I i have an Gibson Voodoo Flying V Guitar standard, but was told the Flying V beat the SG in all positions, so I think wether to buy the Flying V or just stay with my SG is still Ok.i count the beats c SG with looks but the overall performance is much better! I have a V with white white and I like the look of it is awesome and its overall performance.

im buying this in a week … as I already see myself with a leather jacket on, like, on my knees, playing a crazy solo.SG is in my opinion better than V, but they are actually quite similiar with the same pickups. I have a Flying V guitar beautiful but needs some modifications … Regarding the neck, I prefer small wings neck and bolt-on neck in general. Humbuckers are good (and expensive, so if you do not like, sell and buy SD or DiMarzio or something), but not very versatile. I mean, the neck pickup is very muddy (IMO) and very low, the pickup is vicious. But it does not give you the same versatility as HSS framework.