Gibson Flying V Silverburst Guitar

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There are only a handful of artists who have had the musical, cultural & amp; overall impact of Jimi Hendrix. As such, there are only a handful of guitars that can capture the sound of the unique artistic creativity of things both natural & amp; heavenly; 300 guitars to be exact !! In 2006, the Gibson Custom Shop has produced a very limited run of custom guitars commemorating 67 “Flying V. Hensrix It seems that everything has been said about Jimi Hendrix needs to be said: the man was a visionary, clear and simple.

He not only played the guitar like no one will ever again, but he was an artist in his own right that he expressed not only by ultrasound, but visually as well – through her wild clothes into the fa one of which he dresses his instruments.It seems natural to us that Jimi would taste the Gibson Flying V Silverburst Guitar, it was just a futuristic look as it did, the more you can flip it around to be a lefty without sections bodies become awkwardly on your way. Jimi took his original Flying V and 67 hand-painted using any materials he could find, especially nail polish.

It would use the V on the slow blues numbers, usually “Red House”, but he eventually found its way into the hands of Mick Cox apparent Eir, who quickly stripped the Original work out of make his own guitar. Hindsight is always 20/20, Mick The tone of this guitar is huge & amp !; full. The original frets are in almost perfect shape & amp; play perfect.The neck is awesome and very fast with a nice medium profile round. Combine light and fast neck and you have magic in your hands! All parts and finishes are 100% original. There are no cracks, breaks or repairs to this great guitar.

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