Gibson Flying V Natural Guitar

Buy Gibson Flying V by FJESTAD/ MEINERS.Gibson Flying V is back for a revised second edition. Larry Meiners wrote and published the firs.

In 1958, Gibson has new design ideas and V has since been a pillar of society because it is loved by guitarists everywhere. Considered futuristic when it first hit the market, this guitar has been revered in the hands of many legendary players. The Gibson Flying V Natural Guitar here is a slightly more modern view of the classic V design, but it still keeps the vintage vibe alive in the hearts of his players. Regardless, the Flying V will always be considered a vintage guitar.

In fact, it is so strongly associated with the 1958 original drawings. Put on a Gibson Flying V Natural Guitar and it is like getting into a time machine. The Flying V features a mahogany body, handle and chrome hardware.Some Gibsons had huge mahogany necks, but in 1960 the company has made a number of changes until the early 60s necks became among the fastest available. The rounded neck profile 1968 V is favored by many of today’s top players. You can go up and down the neck at blazing speeds, but still has that warm touch, classic Gibson feel, allowing easy access to the upper frets so you can really dig into your solos.

It also looks great when acquiring wholesale power chords fat. Pearly dots complete the vintage look. Historically, Gibson has long been associated with the dark tone of the powerful humbucker with its low fat end and crisp, complex medium. 68 V continues this tradition with two hot humbuckers with ceramic magnets (a 496R in the neck position and a 500T in the bridge position) .Some players (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page to name a few) estimated that after removing the covers are humbucking been increasingly upper end. 

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