Flying V Lenny Kravitz Guitar

On this day in 1958, the very first “Flying V” guitar shipped from the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Mich. The guitar’s distinct body — shaped.

And, needless to say grace will certainly gather some attention to Gibson ….. and one who asked what’s next, the model of Taylor Swift ….. I think Taylor has done !!! I never heard of her, but she looks old and just bothers me a photo of her stupid face with his stupid guitar on top of this page.The focus is already on the word “big”! Never heard of it, never heard of the band …. no sound or guitar Downing, but; Gibson ….. how about a Sister Rosetta Tharpe SG White Signature model …. a tribute to a great female guitarist.

This is why I play next, a model of Taylor Swift wings now.What Or maybe Paris Hilton! Plainfield Vt will always save him !!! Oh if you pla t you negative Nellie, get over yourselves. Grace Potter and the Nocturnes are already a legend – you do not even know, she has a signature guitar now, because it is what is happening in the industry of music today !. She and her guitar Sells a young generation that asks Mom and Dad money for a new guitar. If Gibson can make money from it, so why not. Its all make money!

Yep! Mom, I want a guitar like Grace “s for Xmas!” It will be on Ebay before the end of the year.I do not think there is anything wrong with giving him a signature Flying V Lenny Kravitz Guitar. Who cares It plays a V and is his thing – Awesome BTW, it is a guitar looking pretty cool and she has a daughter, I would not be surprised if there is a sharp increase in girls who play that is not a Flying V bad thing, would it … time to reissue the 1976 Frank White Marauder with a pickup Seymor Duncan Hot Tele on the bridge, white pickguard / electric blanket. 

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