Flying V Lefty Guitar

Does anyone here play or collect these Gibson models: Flying V, Explorer or Firebird? What makes it special over the two more popular.

Toki are poor ultimate shredder, it sucks dildos to play the guitar. He is slowly learning to unplay guitar. By the means it has used this guitar in a silent dream he had. We both used the standard versions and Vs explorers with EMGs.Just got mine today, I’m in love! I just got mine today. very good impression. I hope that does not yellow like other white Gibsons. Now all you need are a sturdy ash pickups.Sam 2 in stock right now … you got welcome.Mine today. Looks great, amazing to play, and sounds wonderful. What more could you ask for.

Interesting. Guitar Center has a release date of 1/31, now they say it is encountered 2/21! Can I ask were you v Be ordered I kept a few sites and no hands on yet.I got mine from Sam Ash back at the end of December. Like this Flying V Lefty Guitar.American Musical Supply. Order was placed on Dec 13. I pre-ordered mine from Sweetwater December 7 and still havent had anything more specific than “the end of Jan.” I tried to contact Gibson themselves and they more or less shrugged at me hopefully I will not have to wait much longer!

There is the problem, Sweetwater! Could be, if none of the 5 sites I check regularly speed still dont as available. Although considering AMS is one of them now I’m starting to question the validity of their haha.I’ve been burned repeatedly on orders Sweetwater. After placing an order you are told they are out of stock, but to do it on command, and then a few months later to be told they can not get the item you ordered. Most places do not have them in stock because everything they re U Gibson had been sold and delivered to their buyers.  

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