Gibson Flying V Lefty Guitar

Bill was looking for a Gibson Flying V and found this, as Bill described … Bill decided to premier the Flying V during the band’s encore performance of Blood.

Some places may never have these in stock for this reason. I heard Sweetwater became 25 of them and all have been sold which is why on their website, it is listed as no longer available. Other places are still selling because they haven; t yet sold their allocation. When I ordered mine, I knew it would be March before I got it, but was surprised to get so early.This is my first experience with Sweetwater, they were the first I saw the Gibson Flying V Lefty Guitar for pre -command and I jumped, I was told I was going 6 of 25 they had on order, so I am confident that I will get one, but after being told to expect this type of spring Last year, I’m just looking forward haha.

Do not be talkin bad fight without guitars! guitars are great, no matter who they are appointed for. and when medium and large Comin out i love the little but im 6 feet tall.To people criticizing new artists models Gibson, Fender artist makes 97 models (acoustic and electric guitars and basses, including Squire models), while Gibson makes 52 models of artists (guitars acoustic and electric basses, including Epiphone). There is obviously a market for them if Fender is still on them.

I think it’s a great looking guitar, but I think the key looks really strange white. It is a “white laminate” – I wonder how it feels. Everything seems strange not to see if inlays. I think I would have this guitar if not for the white key. Everything seems too prop-like for me. As something used in a music video where everything is white. Just my opinion.It will be similar to the Thunderhorse or Gibson Custom Richlite Fretboards, I guess. I’ll let you know when I re Ois mine! 

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