Flying V Left Handed Guitar

The ’59 Gibson Flying V made famous by Albert King. “Lucy,” the guitar built by Dan Erlwine in the early 1970s.

Hi Friends.Why I can not see the price of this guitar Because it is not sold moment.Here is my first wood Korina 1958 Reissue 1982 with a couple of pieces of candy wrappers cases. This was the 55th of made.This guitar has beautiful small spots as the crow flies that are in the wood grain Korina. It was one I had anticipated since I saw the album cover with Albert King playing his original he played upside down and left.

The Flying V Left Handed Guitar is still dead perfect condition to this day, I have the same black and white card Gibson original warranty with him and he’s cool old style brown / tan case you can probably see back -plan behind the guitar in some of the photos I took of my 1983 Gibson it.Here “83V”, SN 81663524, black, bought his new, and I had a second identical guitar for a while too, as a backup (not not play / sound as beautiful as this one). The input jack broke when I stepped on the cord of the guitar and leaned back (evil genius) and a repair had to be done, so now it is plugged in along the edge of the V above the buttons.

By 1990, it had installed new SD pickups, new buttons, and was remade (by Steve Via guitar technology when I lived in Los Angeles). Pealing paint in large patches on the back and sides (you can see on the photo), Road Worn, and still plays a big CSST. I love this guitar … sweet.I think lefties should just be happy we let them live here long. as their gingerkids.I bought a Gibson Flying V (the same model as the black in the image above, a 2011 Yamaha VX factor), and recently discovered that the doll is not symmetrical about its vertical axis !  

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