Gibson Korina V Guitar

In 1978 Gibson decided to bring back the Flying V in a new re-designed version, dubbed the V2. it was actually intended to be the companion.

Its like they are trying to sell an instrument not women, but feminists and their male supporters as idiots who would buy such an instrument to show a deep ideological support for women guitarists.Dude you are stupid and ignorant ; the Gibson Korina V Guitar is the same price as any other of the V (1199.99 line) more fully bound and covered with Burstbuckers not less. I think I’ll buy it not because I dig Grace Potter or am I a “male as silly (feminist) partisan” but I dig the guitar.  Do a little research and comparison before arriving at post stupid ignorant comments like A.

I think that putting a hot chick behind this guitar does not like me anymore. I think I’m in the minority and shallow as A LOL! Your Performance overall is excellent. I want the message is wrapped in your Words … With a little, and hopefully useful “musically” intellectual criticism. For this to be Music ear for listening, I recommend a little less attack picking in the first part of your opening line. I think you should start with a little less Dynamic and let the overall message you want to convey to your public build by your words ” from there!

Think Crescendo . I thought your ‘wrap’ the line, your job script itself was very effective and let your audience with a finish for reflection. Excellent overall … ‘soften’ the initial ‘attack’ on the opening Riff and I think you will have a hit with a call the public wider here. Musically speak well s r. Shock and Awe  bro ! The catch by Kinda Boo Boo =) & nbsp; BTW, I bought this guitar from the Music Zoo in New York and it is friggin badass. 

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