Gibson Kirk Hammett Flying V Guitar

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This beautiful looking Gibson Kirk Hammett Flying V Guitar, I love the brown.she also with his Gibson “custom flight O” tambourine in the picture, as “Brown Night”, only 5 gajillion dollars … TAMBOURIN TONE MONSTER! Many answers come from people who do not know what marketing is. There are not many famous guitarists women there. How many non-famous guitarists woman do you know personally Probably not nearly as much as the non-famous men know.why guitarists you then would they not “go after” a girl in a group that can actually play

So, it is probably safe to assume that more guys than girls play … do you not look like a young impressionable girl to another girl shaking a guitar and want to start playing Why not want Gibson to tap into a relatively untapped market It’s not like they are asking for a mint guitar … street price will be around $ 1K 1100. Fairly close to what a regular Gibson V is for. Except this one will appeal to you girls.Thank! Did you know that only another woman besides the honor of a signature grace Potter A woman and it is Joan Jett. What an honor.

Well said Ted. In addition, all the enemies you there, trying to find Gibson Flying V with a connection to the resale value of this guitar. The only one I could find used traditional Pro models that do not like me much b / c they do not have a pick guard. I think it’s pretty good value for a V and you will not have a million other people who have the same guitar. The fact that they call it Signature Grace Potter is a marketing tool and nothing else. 

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