Gibson Flying V History

Gibson Flying V. 126887 likes · 2558 talking about this.And not forgetting white. And black and white a la Schenker!

Black and white plates of protection are included in this sale. The original black pickguard has a small break in it, of minor importance. A white pickguard replacement jack plate and artificially aged are included in the sale. You get both, so the choice is v Be. He currently has a white guard on it. These can be changed without desoldering anything.The frets are in great shape and the neck is straight. The guitar plays great and can be implemented with very low action without buzz or friction out.I would say it’s in the top three guitars I have, and I’ve had more than two hundred high-end guitars.

In fact, I would go so far as to say it is one of the best guitars ever con Us. The combination of lightweight Korina superior microphones and really hit the sweet spot in this example. This guitar weighs only six pounds and 11 ounces.This Gibson Flying V History Guitar is in very good condition and looks fantastic! It is very inspiring to play, you do not really want to put it down and licks a little more quickly turn into an hour or two of sonic adventure. These are not just sales talk, I’ve never said this about one of my other guitars for sale .

It also includes the original hard case worth hundreds of itself! All hinges and clasps current and correct. Original handle too often they are broken, but it is undamaged.Check on for more photos, discounts and details of this and other guitars chilly! Email me with any questions, I’m never too busy to talk guitars.Thanks for research, and fund my other auctions for more cool stuff! will send anywhere in the world, I see no problem with foreign sales. I sold a lot of guitars in the world and they all arrived in one piece, do not worry about packaging or delivery, I know what I’m doing! 

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