Gibson Flying V Hendrix Guitar


This is the only website in the world that is dedicated exclusively to the 175 incredible Flying V guitars that were built by the Gibson Guitar Company.

A and stopbar Tune-o-matic tailpiece classic anchor all for exceptional resonance and sustain, while Grover tuners represent a significant improvement in all top-plated black chrome. The plastics are all black, and the black pickguard is hot stamped in gold with the government serie eagle graphic.The Government II Flying V comes protected in a black Gibson hardshell case. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service Gibson Limited, the package includes a truss rod wrench, owner’s manual, and a certificate of authenticity personally signed by CEO Henry Juszkiewicz Gibson.

Make a gray with a black pickguard and I man.Agreed ba happy. Maybe a pink floyd floyd necessary.No too.nah not need ugly Flying V with tremolo bridge.The Grace Potter is in production, but the extra Government commemorative series “Perfect” Special Gibson Flying V Hendrix Guitar is still pumped. Does the Series III, IV and V are constructed from sawdust that the FBI collected as evidence I have a potter grace its fucking awesome! All played the snow Falcon and my first run in Gov V army opinion of the Governor V * dirtyfinger pickups are hot!

But paint finish is crap..nice roseboard ..but button and hear is the surprise of the Falcon with poly laminate Pentecostal Te on baked maple fingerboard is smooth to the touch, but perhaps much better ..and thicker nitrocellulose finish on the back of the neck r s not the Burst Bucker 1 & amp; 2 are very good but both are good but if you want something that screams and loses ..grab a very neat finish gov V, you want something thats hard to take a Falcon .just my opinion ..rock on Poor job..side painting V is back to bare wood after some quality jams..poor, dirty fingers are nice Falcon snow much better finish but co you too much! 

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