Gibson Flying V Guitars

When it comes to guitar electronics, less is definitely better. And that certainly holds true with Gibson’s Flying V. Gibson has chosen to install two volume controls.

Another problem with the lodgment is the difference between the pressure on the bottom rope Mi against the first box and the handle is against perhaps a quarter tone. I discovered this while reading “Blackwater Park” by Opeth, which is tuned in drop D, and Has sounded horrible.As to adapt p-up, I had to move a little, but it really is not difficult to do at all and should not be a decisive factor for the purchase of this guitar. I had to adjust the truss rod, the neck is slightly convex, slightly concave which is correct.

This compensates somewhat for the lodgment of incorrect nuts, the action is too high between the 9th and 15th frets. The Gibson Flying V Guitars wood is beautifully bookmatched, I found not one piece reading the specifications. Other than what I mentioned, the guitar was set up perfectly, and there is nothing that guitar technician could not fix with ease.It is superb. It corresponds to the hand so it is nice and round the nut and flat and thin to the junction of the body (or at least for a Gibson).

While I was looking especially for more “metal” guitars; Jackson, Ibanez, ESP, I find it much more comfortable profile neck, and it is nice and chunky to hold on to large EEG turns. Even with the terrible action, I can play as fast as I can with my Ibanez (SA it is a series with a neck even faster than the RG series). Another advantage endemic to the “cheapo” unvarnished Gibsons is that the hand does not stick or taken with the arrival on the neck.I have heard that serve the old and the quality of Gibson goes out the window, but There is nothing wrong that are not repairable. Just for the neck, this guitar deserves a 10. 

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