Guitar Gibson Flying V Sale

I’ll start with guitars: my current main guitar is a 1985 Gibson Flying V. I just bought this and I’m really digging it; it looks great and sounds great.

Great for rock and metal, I play for 20 years and this guitar immediately clicked with me. I wish I had another V with better focus, it is the only thing that bothers me about it. Always dug the shape and appearance and before purchasing I was a little curious if it would be comfortable to play and I must say it is a very comfortable guitar to stand-up and sit-down play. This is typical, non laquared, bottom line is US Gibson. But do not let that discourage you, it is affordable and does not have all these crazy Gibson crazy lately with new stuff.

This Guitar Gibson Flying V Sale is surprisingly versatile. It is my singular guitar work horse for this year. I play mostly metal in my free time and started playing with the orchestra of local swing. Rolling a little volume and tone and switching to the neck p-up, I find it appropriate. P-ups are silent, which is a feature that is me: priceless. But the real beauty of this guitar humbucker bridge, full volume and tone. Coupled with a strong and sturdy construction of this guitar, it’s brilliant tone. The sound can be a little muddy, but I think it is the amp (Roland Cube 30 – old).

Even acoustics, you can hear the tonal qualities of this guitar. Despite that not a single piece of wood (I think it is 5 (+ neck)), it looks bright and beautiful, with good sustain. This guitar has no hard lacquer that really “let out the sound” .The factory set up was a little disappointing, but if you buy in a store, all be corrected here as part of your purchase should. The nut is too shallow, and I can not get the cha Nes close enough to handle without getting buzz. At present, the background is perhaps E 6 or 7 mm wide at the 12th fret, which is not good. 

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