Guitar Gibson Flying V Plans

J’ai actuellement une Gibson Flying V, sur laquelle le manche me plait bien, et est surtout bien adapté à mes petites mains.

Gibson shipping documents show that only 81 Flying V guitars shipped in 1958 and 17 in 1959. In early 1959 shipped, the Guitar Gibson Flying V Plans was removed from production. The remains of unfinished parts of the order of the initial batch sitting dormant in the Gibson factory until the early sixties, when about 20 more guitars flying V guitars have been completed. The material on these models early sixties differs from the 1958-’59 models several fa Ons. Equipment rather they nickel plated t gold, buttons metal cap instead of buttons hood, patent number humbuckers pleased t PAF, and a Tune-o-matic bridge with a string at the beginning of Sixties style restraint.

Although very few flying Vs were outstanding during the late fifties, a few have managed to catch the eyes of artists like Lonnie Mack and Albert King, who immediately embraced the Flying V guitars as their signature. Mack added a Bigsby vibrato in her V, which he used to record “Wham.” As a left-handed guitarist, King was attracted by the symmetrical shape of V, who hosted his unorthodox style of maintaining the nervous guitar for a right handed player and returning the finished instrument.

Dave Davies of The Kinks was another early adopter, although his use of the Flying V began much later, in 1965. According to Davies, the airlines lost his only guitar when he came in America on tour this year, so he stopped at a store to get a replacement. When he failed to find a guitar he liked on the shelves, the retired owner of inventories of a case which contained a dusty original Fifties V. Davies V sold for only $ 60. Flying V Davies became an iconic image of the British Invasion after he made several television appearances with her and was shown on the guitar on the cover of The Kinks Greatest Hits! in 1966. 

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