Guitar Gibson Flying V Parts

Standard Flying V? Gear Forum. … The people at Gibson say that the difference in price reflects the difference in cost to make the guitars.

You are looking at a Gibson Flying V Custom Shop Limited Edition 2003, with a Heritage Cherry finish, gold hardware and an ebony fretboard! If you are reading this ad, you already know how this collection sought and ax! This is one of my favorite V packed with cool custom specifications … Mahogany grain is simply superb, and light & nbsp !; The action is fast and low … and really crank original 57 Classics! It is all original and ready to rock the house down !!

Sells a common Les Paul Custom for $ 4,000 with nowhere near the features; you can own this limited production V and about 1/2 less than 2008 in 2700 prices tag.Take take this opportunity;  you probably will not see another in this state for a long time. She just celebrated her 11th birthday and was completely pampered! The guitar was played smoothly and sparingly in a smoke free environment and is in excellent condition +. There are no bumps to report here … it’s just a very small, light pinhead printing surface on the top, near the input jack, and some very mild wear on the gold hardware.

Most guitars 1 year old do not look that good people … so for a 11 year old, this baby is amazing! The Guitar Gibson Flying V Parts neck is straight with no cracks or repairs … the frets are excellent, with their whole lives ahead of them … and the sound is as good as it gets! There is also the Gibson Custom Shop hard shell bo Te of origin, which is also very clean even includes the case candy, nice cable plant and the certificate of authenticity, as shown in the last picture! One who brings the baby home will be completely satisfied !! 

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