Guitar Gibson Flying V 50th Anniversary

You know, I always thought that a flying V would be a PITA to play when ….. I don’t own a Flying V, but if I were to purchase an Epi/Gibson brand.

Grover machine heads and buttons on top of gold hat instead ofr black, I’ll wait for the royalty check .Put me down for a SpongeBob Les Paul if you pla t. Who you gonna give a signature guitar next I saw Elmo guitar playing once, maybe you can create a guitar Elmo signature Kermit with his skills or “Stellar” guitar eh Awesome … I love the instrument BurstBuckers covered and liaison. Very nice! The more I play Gibson Vs, the more I like (wearing a bracelet and standing) .I like the combination of durable handle, color ,, covered pickups, and the binding unusual pickguard.

Hahah all the hatred of c side …. the Guitar Gibson Flying V 50th Anniversary  is rad … look super chic … I would take a beating heart … and I have two gibson Vs, although three, because I am too low … but it epiphone.Is related Cherry Potter Grace Potter!! Come on, we all know why Gibson is giving him a signature model … the same reason why she got a recording contract and the same reason guys fall over themselves to give you stuff.Have never even listened to Grace Potter It is one of the most talented musicians of the decade. She got a signature because it is an average guitarist and musician average!

If you take a moment to read a few interviews with her you know she does not give a shit what she looked like when she and Nocturnes were signed. It was a t-shirt and blue jeans girl when they were discovered. This woman has so much talent and I think it’s really sad that people think she is not worthy of the guitar.she is a very good piano / keys not player.she guitar do not deserve a signature guitar . It is a mediocre guitarist at best.I’m in total lust with it and the guitar. 

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