Flying V Grace Potter Guitar

I’m pretty sure my next purchases will be my last, an LP and a V. I already know where i can find great looking single cuts.

As I said earlier blues, rock, punk, metal and are all varietys I play. Including sub-genres between the main. If this guitar was stolen, I would go find the bites Re who did it and beat his ass raw and get my guitar back. It would be worth the time. And if were broken Do not think of going soon T less than file a history of building 20. Everyone out there looking for a new reliable, excellent guitar Remove the piggy bank and go buy this baby.I play mostly blues and blues rock (Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, etc.), and it is these styles like a glove.

There is a very nice contrast between the two different sounds microphones. On the neck, you can get a very nice bluesy tone full literally sings on the higher notes, with an incredible amount of support. But on the other hand, you can get a really crisp sound on the bridge pickup (ideal for Thin Lizzy riffs), and that really packs a punch when you increase the gain. I use this guitar through a Marshall AVT 50, usually with the gain of about 7 or 8, and even then you can get an awesome sustain with this Flying V Grace Potter Guitar.

The harmonics are easy to find, pinch harmonics can be a bit difficult to get some cha Nes. Regarding feedback will you never get up cry or roar down a note well trained, which can work well solo or add ambiance to a chord progression. Only gave a 9, because it is a bit too much contrast between neck and bridge, and I think I have to change between the neck and the bridge when I play above or below the 12th fret. I fitted the unit for Vibrola Gibson look like a 67 ‘V original used by guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix and Andy Powell. 

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