Gibson Flying V Gothic Guitar

Personally i’d choose both, if you have the money, get both, but if you can’t then get one and get the other later.

Great history of VI Gibson never liked their v it look silly with rounded corners, like a pair of scissors S Safety Statements for child.I’ll trade my Lefty ( Epiphone) Les Paul for a “V. Any takers By far my favorite guitar and I have played for the last 40 years. An electric rock / blues guitar should never have the same quality, appearance and design of traditional guitars. That’s what this guitar is all about. Over the years, people looked at me funny when the I broke to play.

Things have certainly changed … Thanks Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Lonnie Mack, and countless others who have made this wonderful Gibson Flying V Gothic Guitar. And, of course r, a special thank you to this publication and the folks at Gibson. Vmasterlee. The following story is how Eddie Van Halen has acquired  a new condition 1958 Gibson Flying V from the famous collector of vintage Dan Martin guitar, which was based in St. Louis, Missouri. Eddie continued to buy many guitars of Martin, died fa In 2008.

Jason Miller tells his story of the fa Including Dan Martin bought the guitar from his father, and turned around and sold it to Eddie.Eddie used guitar on “Hot For Teacher”, “Drop Dead Legs “and” Girl Gone Bad “. Top of the World “and (the title of the story is a little sensational with the world” stolen “- but fans should find interesting guitar) .I grew up in a musical family My father played the guitar. my grandfather played, and so did my cousins. I remember jam sessions family happens in the basement of the house of my grandparents and I remember the day when a guy Dan named the St. Charles Guitar Exchange started coming around. 

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