Gibson Gothic Flying V

One of 6 made in 1959 with white plastic, this Flying V weighs almost nothing, has THE neck, and is available at a great price.

Rainbow Guitars has teamed up with Gibson Custom Shop to bring you some of the finest guitars ever produced. These instruments with his unfailing expertise and new and innovative details were helped developed by us at Rainbow Guitars. With our 40 years of sales experience, playing and recording with Gibson guitars have recently joined us with dealers reference Gibson to share ideas and expertise. These new explorers Gibson are really beyond compare and can not be found in a handful of very select retailers in the United States and rainbow is proud to be one.

We started by trying to get the microphones to resemble the tone of what some of our favorite guitars 1958-1960 “PAF” sound like now. In liquidation new pickup Gibson Custom Bucker to a particular specification and comparing it to other guitars with original “PAF” Gibson has brought clarity and high-end soft as everyone sought microphones. The body of the guitar is based on a Gibson Gothic Flying V body shape and combined with a maple cream fingerboard inlays trapazoid it starts to turn into a Flying V ’58 Les Paul Standard binding.

What is a Benchmark Gibson Custom dealer, you ask It is now a very small and exclusive group of authorized Gibson Custom dealer who happen to be experts in the field of Gibson Custom and vintage guitars. Collectively, we represent over 150 years of combined experience in vintage and rare Gibson guitar market experience. We work with artisans to produce Gibson Custom guitars separate limited edition and rare as you see here. Rainbow Guitars is proud to be one of the few retailers. Gibson Custom recognize t dealers reference as a unique and valuable resource by inviting us into the design process, where Gibson is based on our hands-on experience to help create exceptional guitars based on our many years of holding and playing some of the most rare and desirable Gibsons in their long history as a company. 

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