Epiphone Flying V 1967 Reissue Guitar

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So I have the RN and is a great little guitar after some major surgery (new puppies, electronics, tuners, ect) now my question is when can we expect to see a 24 fret V with full fret access V90 (c. 1989-1990) was a great guitarist, but released early grunge era it has no chance. for many of us metal players 24 frets is an agreement make-or-break on a guitar while being able to access all the frets. 24 frets with a 58 v shoulder style and fine satin and glossy finishes option would be a big seller … a 24-fret model with a Gotoh Floyd Rose would be a great idea … and yes, my profile picture which Double V is a 89 with inlaid diamonds split ,, ebony fretboard, and a pink floyd … killer guitar, you should do it again.

They lost my business with their strange buttons (Granadillo, oven Maple, Obeche, Richlite, etc …). What happened to pink, ebony and maple Gibson Stopped producing the Flying V They are probably going to take a break for a while and come back with a whole new range. It will probably be the same updates as new discs and SMS. They always get the updates and technology first, but it’ll filter a trickle down.I picked up one of these a few months ago. The building was great as the value. Mine was a return to one of the big box stores and had some germ band was an easy solution but still worth the money.

Today, I re U my first guitar is the Gibson Flying V in heritage cherry.  It has many, many exceeded my expectations and I must say the Epiphone Flying V 1967 Reissue Guitar is now my one true love. Wow  Thank you Gibson. BB King Lucille and now I have my Layla (named after a little tricky Once I Loved mom who had her hair dyed in a similar color to my new V) .I white I bought it in 1986. .. it looked great in the air time, but is now a yellow sick. I am seriously thinking of painting black. If I could go back, I ordered black. 

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