Gibson Flying V Electric Guitar

In another monster FLY53 Competition, we’re giving away a super hot Gibson Flying V Guitar to one of our lucky customers on the run.

I play mostly metal and this is a great guitar riffs and leads. I use Engl Blackmore E650 with Marshall cab, the sound is excellent, husky, full and defined. No noise at all, of course seems too crisp and clean. When unplugged reading, it is very resonant despite its relatively low mass (it is very light) and I think it reflects very well the guitar amplified sound.The cheaper series of Gibson as previously indicated, but it does me bother much except for the fact it lacks stability control.

Nothing great, you can play a concert in the air around, but when it rears its ugly head in the studio. When I double track the Gibson Flying V Electric Guitar a little progressive appears t is the result of slight disagreement cha Nes (maybe a few cents) in the plug, not much, but definitely audible. It is very frustrating to have to make another good decision because of the development of attachment instability.I’ve tried this with locking tuners TonePros Kluson Deluxe are alike as factory installed Gibson Deluxe.

The improvement was there, but does not remove the problem if I hint onne wood of lower quality was used almost distorts and bends slightly during use causing the adjustment sustainable slip.Very, not break chain not excessive (and I have a heavy hand riffs), ideal for live use. The finish is very sensitive (one of the reasons of this guitar is relatively cheap) thin matt lacquer which dissipates with regular use, but I do not take this as a fault, in fact I like the feel of wood. And I can always have it repainted so if I want to … So all in all a 10, but I have to reduce the score because of adjustment problems above. 

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