Gibson Flying V Ebony Guitar

The introduction of Gibsons iconic Flying V in 1958 turned the guitar world upside down. Last years introduction of the revolutionary Robot.

I do not think I would use this guitar live forever. Like the Les Paul Custom I owend breifly finish was Delicate and Angeled doll was still wrong. The material seemed better built thereon for 1k but I could get better. The V shape is great to play sitting, so no problem I just wish them the fretbord and finishing better.I’m was in a thrash metal and this guitar sounds great, but my BC Rich, Jackson KV2 and Ibanez still sound and play better. I had this guitar for 20 days and took it back.

For much I could get a Gibson Flying V Ebony Guitar and have a better built and better sounding with fretbord Ebony and Pink Floyd. The name of the doll does not mean anything to me, so do not be aggressive with my examination he dosnt know what he’s talking about Gibson is Teh best. No, they are not. The old adage you get what you pay is thrown out the window when it comes to Gibson guitars.This guitar is a reissue 1968 Gibson V as made famous by famous player, Metallica, Schenker, Hendrix, Ratt and a load of other .

in this price range, the guitar is not strongly specc’d, but it makes great use of what he does have.I’m primarily a player of rock and metal, with a little funk thrown for the hell of it. I play quite a variety of different types of metals, mainly 80s and 90s, ranging from thrash, glam, death, progressive scan. I use a Peavey 6505 +, but I’ve also used a Mesa Dual Rectifier, Marshall JCM2000 212 and 212 Orange Rockerverb guitar.This with this guitar really surprised me in terms of tone. The bridge pickup is great for high gain because his articulation and a little breathless tone really helps to cut through a mix.  

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