Gibson Flying V Bigsby Guitar

Gibson Axe Guitar Enamel Hat Pin Electric Flying V Ace Frehley Triumph Licensed Search Description: Gibson FlyingV guitar enamel over metal pin badge.

Overall, its not a particularly indulgent guitar but his versatility with different amp setting really showcases the capabilities of this guitar. Overally, his clear, sharp and articulate. Heard such a tone of the speaker is inspirational.This Gibson Flying V Bigsby Guitar really caught my attention when I looked in the shop. The finish was flawless when it was new. The only flaw was a small defect right next to the bottom of the distribution. But its almost invisible visually. I carefully examined the guitar when I got to look closely and never noticed until several months later.

The action on this guitar was fantastic. Low and absolutely zero buzz on all notes. No starting box with corners, anything, even the intonation was correct. The only thing is that the handle was very dry when I arrived, but a little lemon oil fixed that. The board was also a little rough, but the problem itself smoothed with playing.The neck profile on this guitar is glorious. It has a D-shaped neck which is much thinner than Gibson, but its not as thin as your typical guitar shredding machine.

I have huge hands, with long, thin and very tall palms fingers. All hands are a little different to each other, but this guitar perfectly into my hands. I have not come across any other guitar in my life who has a neck profile more comfortable for me.The micro adjustment if required, c side of the bass pickup is high, but it had nothing to solve it. I’m not going to mark the guitar down for it. The bridge feels very good, it does what it intends to do it perfectly and no sharp se stools. 

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