Flying V Albert King Guitar

The Gibson Flying V, seen by many as a metal guitar but loved by those in the know because it is a rock n’ roll machine. Don’t forget Hendrix used a V.

This book includes the history of the Flying V in the middle of the first creations of the 1950s to Gibson models currently produces fifty years later. New additions include all models to be introduced in 2001 and discontinued the inclusion of Epiphone flying Vs, and a new chapter on other manufacturers who copied the fascinating design. A section of eight color pages and several pages of specifications make identifying your Flying V a breeze! Fjestad Zachary is the author of the Blue Book of Electric Guitars, the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars and Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers.

Larry Meiners wrote many articles on vintage guitar collecting, is the author of total shipments on Flying V Gibson. I just received this book in the mail yesterday and I love it. From early design to a list of the full model with production dates and factories doll drawings, everything is here. There is even a section on the case! My first impression of the Flying V was like a kid 8 years in ’65 watching “Shindig” and The Kinks came on.

They played “Tired Of Waiting” and there was Dave Davies with his Korina V, playing with his arm in the fork of the body. Well, this book not only speaks when and where Dave bought his V, but how much he paid for it (you will not believe it) .I’ve been a fan of V since Andy Powell Brothers Dave Schenker (Meniketti Yesterday and today the first album) and Albert King and beyond. I wish the color section was a bit longer, but the rest of the book is remarkable.  

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