Gibson 7 String Flying V Guitar

Quite possibly the most distinctive electric guitar ever produced. Made by Gibson in the late 50’s, the Flying V’s model name perfectly describes its shape.

I had the same problem with mine …. Guitar Center ordered me a new one and everything is fine.I had mine last week.It is beautiful and perfect.The is back as beautiful as before. For me, the front is red in the pictures, but mine is very dark, almost black.Not disappointed u, surprised, and I love it. This is my first Gibson Flying V. & nbsp; I had a V guitar harmony is very light years weight.I had never heard of Grace Potter, so I looked when I saw this Gibson 7 String Flying V Guitar.Then I watched Guitar Center session on television and it seems terribly obstinate .It is undoubtedly why this guitar has proved so great.

You should make a storage compartment in the case between the more money you have to pay V.How any other Gibson fully bound. With the best and most expensive microphones available. Not to mention it looks really impressive. I ordered mine a few hours ago. Gibson frequently price of new models at an affordable price. That after a year or two jacks the price into the stratosphere. I re Ois mine while the price is right. With out a doubt the best looking ever more class V.

Wow, a lot of petty comments here. Having just seen GPN live for the first time last week, this signature guitar sense to me. It is not to give recognition thanks Potter for his guitar playing. Beyond the obvious (yes, she is hot and a rising star, yes, it is about marketing – his name will attract a segment different from other guitar players), it is to inspire others and in an era of bubblegum dance pop automatic setting, showing that the rock-n-roll is not dead.  

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