Gibson Flying V 67 Reissue

1958 Flying V. The Flying V wasn’t for everyone when Gibson introduced it in 1958. Slightly less than 100 were shipped, and apparently the owner.

You can do a search on words in the title, for all features of this exquisite tribute to the Flying V (They are too numerous to list).  The Gibson Flying V 67 Reissue guitar is in what I would call perfect condition,  and comes complete with the box you original GOTM 2008 and shroud. Auction is my model of Rudolf Schenker Scorpions flight model V. 2010 . It is in an amazing state. I really do not play. You can find the specs on this guitar online.  He is a solid 9 out of 10, and I take 1 point because of a few scratches peak very light. 

It was probably just the case 10 times or less.  I just do not play much, and I would like to see some guitars to people who will appreciate and play them.This guitar has incredible tone, rock and roll, and plays incredibly attitude.  These models are made to V play comfortably, and have a large headstock / neck joint.The guitar case was kept in the closet, and only three home times.If you are metal, the Gibson Flying V guitar Power is the one for you.

Check the features: solid mahogany body with premium nitrocellulose finish for super-fat tone, extended joint for stability and solid bridge support, Tune-O-Matic with stopbar tailpiece neck, and rosewood fingerboard with premium materials chromium. A ceramic 496R Hot pickup position in the neck and a Super 500T ceramic bridge Smokin offer sounds. Includes Gibson hard case.The Jimi Hendrix Limited Edition Gibson Flying V was built as a tribute to the legendary rock guitarist # 1 of all time. The Jimi Hendrix Limited Edition Gibson Flying V that I sell is not part of the original mass produced 400, but was built later than 1993, in my communication with Gibson. 

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