Gibson Flying V 67 Guitar

Specifications include a mahogany body, set maple neck, 22-fret ebonal fingerboard … 1958 Flying V Korina Bass (1998- BOO4] Instead of reissuing the Gibson.

These are not your Gibson Flying V 67 Guitar of the time because it is a 58/67 combination as an appointment 58 The 3 vertical buttons with gripper plate mounted on the lower flange of the shield. Beautiful dark natural finish mahogany with a nice dark look. The Gibson Flying V 67 Guitar is 8.5 / 10 showing the play of light are just an old guitar for 15 years. All original and neck and frets are excellent. Low action and super fast. The pickups are balanced and has great tone. CSST included.

Some info on the guitar: I bought new at Guitar Center in 2009. This particular guitar was not a demo / display, they had the exact same guitar on the screen that I was playing and when they knew I was serious about buying, they let me try a new brand that I was home. It was such a fun sounding guitar I wanted to possess. Used as a practice and recording guitar only. & Nbsp; I am the only owner of this guitar has ever known.  It was assumed for years that I have always suffered after playing and always kept in case you are not using.

Never exposed to heat or extreme cold. Everything on the guitar is original except for the strap buttons (I added strap locks) but the original buttons are included.There was no damage to the guitar and it was never repaired. It has the small notches on the (regular wear while playing) I have emphasized in the images very small nick on the bottom edge of the form “V” very small “ding” on the body ( that I am pointing to one of the pictures but I do not know that you can even see the ding in images), and a very small crack in the paint finish near the handle (again, not s r that you can see in the photo). 

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