John Mayer Black One special edition

But in any case, it is still one of the pillars of his tone up until now. … Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition John Mayer Stratocaster Black 1 … The spec sheet that came out only said “special pickups”, but after much pressure, Custom Shop …
Right in sync with Fender’s John Mayer “Black 1” product release, Miami based Rittenhouse Guitars is first on the bandwagon with their own HEAVY relic’d version. And heavy distresso is what Rittenhouse does best– we’ve featured some of their stuff before.

John Mayer Black One limited edition

This auction is for a custom order for a John Mayer Black Relic Strat. Build with only top shelf products by Rittenhouse Guitars in Miami, FL .

Your choice of medium C, Chunky C or V neck. Nickel or Gold hardware. Also you get to choose between any Lollar, Klein or Fender Custom Shop pickups available.

Build time is aprox. 8-10 weeks.

If you are after the real Mayer tone from the Big Dipper pickups of the JM Signature Strat, Klein Pickups offers the S-5 Scooped strat pickup set. This hand-wound pups are done with the same winding technique as the Big Dipper pups…”

John Mayer Black 1 ebay

Guitarist uncut: Our issue 327 cover star John Mayer took time on a recent visit … Guitarist uncut: John Mayer talks about his gear, The Black One, his life ….. that quietly came and went and they’re on eBay for $65 or whatever.Stratocaster Guitar Culture | Stratoblogster: John Mayer Black 1 Super Relic by ???, Stratocaster … Mayer Strat eBay Listings – Includes authorized Fender Dealer eBay Stores merchants. …. Suhr Modern Dreamcatcher One Off Quilt Body.

John Mayer Black One ebay

John Mayer has an extensive guitar collection, it’s true, but his main guitar for years has been the … John Mayer Gear: Fender Custom Shop Black One … As for the Big Dipper pickups, you can usually find sets on ebay starting at around $400.
If you checked out the EBAY FINDS section, you would know that I already listed your guitar. too pricey if you ask me. I would rather wait and invest in the offical “The Black One” replica coming out this year.

John Mayer Black One custom shop for sale

Fender John Mayer Limited Edition The Black One NOS Stratocaster This is a used … These guitars have been very hard to find and only rarely pop up for sale. … Guitar comes with its original Custom Shop/Incase BLK1 soft case, side pedal …

He called the John Mayer Black One custom shop for sale and they invited him down. The rest has … He was the one who hand selected the alder body. He actually … The Black1 has become famous for being John Mayer’s go-to guitar. … But here’s a similar CS 1963 Heavy Relic Black Strat that get close to that vibe for less: