Flying V 2012 Guitar

My ultra-classy Gibson guitar refrigerator magnets including the V … There are few instruments more distinctive than the Flying V.

I think I speak for many left-Whan I say Studios and Promotions are simply not enough. We want something as different, unique, and expressive than one of these guitars, and would it really hurt to do a little Whatever the cost t, so small that it must commit to a left-handed version would be largely offset by the company and the interest generated by the left of the market. You know, I know. It would be nice to see change.Modify the bridge and turning around the strings, or learn to play classical guitar as less whiny and more intelligent lefties.

If you simply return the guitar you encounter all sorts of problems as your forearm turning the knobs or press the switch pickup selector in the middle of the game. Not to mention having the pickguard and the text on the truss rod cover is just ugly. In addition, there will probably be some intonation issues.I’m left and I do not understand. Gibson Les Paul made several models left, SG and Firebird even now, but they do not make left Explorers or more Flying V 2012 Guitar ; Studio models are better than nothing, but lefties want the real deal and deserve them as well as our cousins handed.

Nobody says you have to make a million of them. Simply roll out standard hundred Flying V and explorers and watch how fast they disappear! Might as well put up for a custom, friend, COS good production model left is simply not happening.As a boy of 6 years, I saw my first Flying V in a small music store and I instantly in love. Michael Schenker had seen a UFO in play and I knew that somewhere, somehow, I would one.Now I am old and gray ,, I went through a lot of awesome guitars over the years, but I’ve never met v had to be mine. 

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