Flying V 2 Guitar

The Gibson Flying V, seen by many as a metal guitar but loved by those in the know because it is a rock n’ roll machine. Don’t forget Hendrix used a V.

As I said tt Potter V thanks to all kinds of flavor. Some people like Jimmy Page and think it is great, I personally think it is a great song writer but not a great guitarist (my opinion). If you like the features, playability, looks, and sound, buy it! If not, no! I did and can not wait to try it. Excellent work of Gibson and Grace Potter again, an amazing renaissance for Gibson classic.Do forgotten tell me why you do not think Jimmy Page is a good guitarist, because it is usually # 1 or # 2 on any list Top Guitarist, usually only ever beaten by Jimi Hendrix, and what it has to do with a Flying V guitar that Jimmy Page never used; However Hendrix.

Also tons of artists currently playing, Joe Bonamassa Flying V is a current and a very famous nbsp. In addition, the Flying V 2 Guitar model has not been ignored because after Randy Rhoads, he was pretty much ignored after he was released in 1958, the reissue of this is the same model, the Flying V Randy played was custom made by a luthier named Karl Sandoval and was not a Gibson guitar product; but I am s r the custom shop would reproduce for you … for the right price.  Hope this clears any confusion.

I’m not a big fan of the page is. It is a good song writer although there were several settlements based on the outright theft of Led Zep music of others. This is a matter of public and well documented YouTube.Page folder is a good guitarist and studio, but I saw him live on several ocassions and found it to be pretty sloppy and noticed he made many mistakes. 

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