1974 Gibson Flying V Guitar

Gibson Flying V History 6-String Electric Guitar Aged Cherry · Gibson Flying V History 6-String Electric Guitar Aged Cherry. 6-String Electric Guitar.

But the power of the Government Flying V Series II is more than just visual, and it is a tone monster fire-breathing ready to avenge sound. Aided by a pair of Dirty Fingers pickups + among the hottest humbuckers Gibson has ever produced, this historic Flying V is ready and willing to take on your own earth campaign br Lee and get noticed in the process! Add a set of high-quality Grover tuners, a black hardshell case, certificate of authenticity personally signed by Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson and the legendary quality and craftsmanship: This is a revolutionary Exporer you want to add to your sonic arsenal.

The Series II government is limited by the availability of wood for qualification to enter the v Be now from your authorized Gibson USA dealer.The Government Flying V Series II is designed in the image of u the original Flying V and solid mahogany, a tonewood acclaimed for its natural resonance and depth. The laminated mahogany has a profile, fast comfortable 60, While the hands-free, a Corian nut, 22 frets and dot inlays single is made from solid wood pink Gibson returned to the US government. The guitar is beautiful with its unique finish Tan government shiny vintage nitrocellulose lacquer.

The 1974 Gibson Flying V Guitar carries a pair of dirty fingers + super hot Gibson pickups for maximum rock action. Among the most powerful humbuckers Gibson has ever produced, they will drive your amp of choice in über-crunch and singing lead tones when cleaning beautifully for more subtle times. They are mounted “open coil” without blankets, and wired by control Independent of volume, serve the old tone and a three way selector. 

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