Gibson Flying V 1968 Reissue Guitar

This late 60s Gibson Flying V came to me with no headstock attached and no headstock for reference. … Seth Lee Jones Custom Guitars & Repair Services.

Thanks for the info. I’ll try to find it. I sell on eBay yesterday, but I can sell it cheaper if I do not have to pay the eBay and PayPal fees on inflated. Nitrocellulose paint … This is my first edition Gibson Robot & amp; my thanks Potter Flying V also feels … He is painting as they used to use this guitar years ago.Will be available again this year It’s only been gone for shopping online for a month or two, and it is already sold in EBay at a great price. I know it’s a Gibson guitar and incredible, but I do not want to pay extra for a random guy if it will be around again due to its success.

If you want more … A colleague (pjtxxx) his name on the web Web grace Gibson Flying V Potter (letters section) has a page GPFV for sale … if you are still looking for her guitar give an e-mail … it listed on e-bay … it seems he might be able to help you out.Did you ever have a response from someone about this I would too. If you hear of any for sale, if you pla t contact me.There is a man on the web for Grace Potter Gibson letter V Fling, where you posted your letter, this man wantsto sell his guitar, just put up notice yesterday.

If you’re still looking for a Gibson Flying V 1968 Reissue Guitar than what was listed on ebay, the guitar did not get a high enough offer, so you might still be able to choose whether you contact the seller. They had three of them for sale on ebay four weeks ago.I put in the list of V that Grace Potter is not selling … see below … hope you communicate one.I’ll with him. Most appreciated! I have one if you’re interested. Reply on this site if you are still looking and I’ll get back 2 u.Unfortunately, which is outside of eBay is sold. If anyone has a lead on the other, if you pla t let me know. 

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