1968 Gibson Flying V Guitar

Some of our esteemed guitar aficionados and purists looked with disdain upon our post the other day about that limited-edition inverted Gibson.

I wonder if this is abnormal – as a factory default – or just a specific feature of this model Flying V … Someone has a Flying V with a similar feature What steps can I take to confirm this, and what plan of action should I take to remedy this (potential) problem Just bought a Gibson V, factory sealed, with a default of the fret board. Disappointed by the response of u Gibson, and how they said The garbage man is another man’s gold , even after admitting he was a defect in the neck seeing the photo.

Really disappointed by this statement u after spending $ 1.300. Musicians Friend Thank you for allowing me to return it. And no, I did not use my real name because I am s R, I will send Gibson fans hate me mail. But I can attest to this happening. Serial # 121930474 -. Pass’ Really disappointed that Gibson QA u leave this Never expected this from a product.if Gibson read comments on gibsons they have a lot of complaints and online stores anyhow it is different if you go to a store and buy a guitar that you might be better to just buy a guitar from your local guitar store next sorry to hear about your V.

The local guitar stores also get their guitars from the Gibson factory. It would make no difference. Defects came from this way is the Gibson factory. He goes to the local guitar shop, or in music stores line the Gibson factory. It is actually better to buy online because you will not get a floor model that was treated 1000 times. Of course, I could pick and choose from a local store if they have this model, but no store has a 1968 Gibson Flying V Guitar hanging on the wall. And just like a local store, I can return the guitar to the shop online just as easy. 

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