Gibson Flying V 1967 Reissue Guitar

Gallin’s presents the amazing Gibson Flying-V Electric Guitar in Faded Ebony! Gibson Flying-V Electric Guitar.

They do not sell. And why Because for only $ 100 more a buyer can always get a new model factory. Why buy on ebay that is where the potential buyer can get a new (New Old Stock that never sold), never played, musicians friend Anyway, the reason behind my post was just to let others out there know my guitar was sent to me, and it was a shame he left the factory as a. I myself did not expect a response from someone. I respect your answer on my Gibson with a defect in the wood board freight, even though I knew I could come back, which is what I did.

I think I’ve said what I had to say about this incident. As for your scenario, I’m sorry you feel like you have to sell your Gibson Flying V 1967 Reissue Guitar. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss more if you want outside of this board. I’m not here to discuss with you. I never let a guitar that is very fine. It makes no sense to pay $ 1500 for a guitar, sell it for a loss of $ 1000- $ 1200, then Miss and try to get a few years down the road for $ 500 more than what you paid for it. Why buy the more expensive guitars, just to get rid of them for $ 1,000 or less

I always try to keep an emergency Funds so I do not have to part with precious things for me.When I work for a quality guitar, I never sell it. But I’m not here to debate with you about this. In fact, you’re OK in my book. I just posted my experience on MY Gibson sent me, and not have someone say “hey everything is under warranty with a lifetime warranty.” The point I was making is that I should not have to deal with this right OUT the door with a new Gibson guitar factory. I already know that I can come back, which is what I did. My original post did not stateĀ 

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