Flying V 1967 Guitar

I’m pretty sure my next purchases will be my last, an LP and a V. I already know where i can find great looking single cuts.

GPN is a group tour worker who puts on a high energy show. So what if Grace Potter is not the most accomplished player Flying V in the world This could actually make this guitar seems more accessible to a wider range of people.  When grace is on stage with his Flying V, it switches completely and engages the audience. People can see and think, I want to do A! This guitar is a signature of Grace Potter is not about grinding. It is about the joy of music. And I think that is a good thing. Furthermore, a positive assessment of the program.

My grace potter v came a few days ago. The sound of this Flying V 1967 Guitar is amazing. Alas, the craftsmanship is amazing too! There was glue residue on the headstock. There is a deep knife cuts on the neck. The neck binding is a ridiculously bad job. The list goes on and so on … Overall quality and craftsmanship on this guitar is a slap in the face. This guitar does not even care with $ 200 Made in China “guitar in terms of control The quality. I will return it.

As the owner of a repair shop guitar, I do not often buy new guitars, preferring to buy used and / or make my own.  I saw this guitar in the window of the establishment Memphis in September and as a follower of the Flying V, I ordered one.  After waiting six weeks, he has finally arrived. There is always some hesitation when buying a first without playing.  I knew I could fix anything that might happen, but hoped I would not do it. 

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