Gibson 1958 Flying V Guitar

1981 Gibson Silverburst Flying V Bass guitar only 375 produced by Gibson U.S.A. extremely rare. comes with original case.

I just got mine and I LOVE IT !!! The V neck plays incredibly thin. The Burstbucker Pro pickups have a great tone, probably as the original 58-59 V’s.Esthetically, Grace Potter did a fantastic job designing this Gibson 1958 Flying  V Guitar. The nocturnal brown gloss over is a good choice, it seems almost black in the darkness and into the light, almost like a deep red wine.The back is like a chocolate brown semi-gloss mahogy, which resembles a back 50 of The Paul Jr.With Tuners and vintage humbuckers covered Klusen, overall a cool vibe.I believed may have solid and hollow Gibsons and this is a welcome addition to my collection.

Got mine last week and here’s a 60 second demo .. I’m totally digging! You guitar yesterday, gigged with it last night … it’s wonderful! I just ordered mine from Sweetwater today … eyes closed, roll the dice (if its a lemon, I’ll return) will be here in a couple of weeks. I do not care about Grace Potter, I just like the look and specifications of the guitar! Can anyone talk about the tuning stability of the guitar I know first hand Gibsons are often all or nothing with tuning stability. Thank you, I’ll post a review once it arrives!

First, I am not a person Flying V though, I’m a fan of Gibson (although recent quality problems). Personally, I give credit for this Gibson V. The V Grace Potter is a new rebirth of a classic Gigson that has been ignored since losing Randy Roads. Many great guitarist played the Flying V in the past, but none recently. I’ve never bought a guitar sight unseen, but I played V and the feeling of love. I will receive my thanks Potter V on Friday and can not wait! I hope no quality problems are present. I’m not a fan of Grace Potter but I’m not going to spend a beautiful guitar that may or may not be a game based on the classic or musical abilities. 

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