flying v 120 Guitar

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Because of the huge amount of comments on this blog, I can not answer all the questions although id love to. You can always ask questions, hopefully someone will help.In 1957, Gibson announced the flying V electric guitar but were only in production in 1958, the unusual shape of the futuristic guitar fascinated people, but the guitar met with little success.Only 81 Flying V guitars were shipped in 1958 and 17 Flying V guitars were shipped in 1959 .In 1962 to 1963 gibson built more guitars Flying V with the left over parts from 1958 to 1959.

In the late 60s, the guitar made its way and began to gain popularity, rock stars have started using as Jimi Hendrix. The Gibson Flying V guitar became a household name after v heritage flight was introduced in the 80s .The original Flying V guitars in 1958 and 59 had 3 buttons in a straight line, Korina wood body, 2 pickups (PAF ), the chain ties ran through the body, the shoulders were square body at the neck, they had gold plated parts, had a plate of white or black protection, and were made in natural finishes.

In 1966, Gibson reintroduced the Gibson Flying V, with some modifications, they had a mahogany body, strings do not run through the body they had a stud tailpiece and two microphones. From 1966 to 1970, these flying v 120 guitars were made in cherry sunburst colors, from 1970 to 1980 they made in different finishes (colors) .In 1971 they made a limited edition and called the Gibson Flying V medallion, he had quite the same features but with a limited edition and numbered on the side of the bottom of the v .In 1981 to 1982 Gibson Flying V also made guitars that had a mahogany body and the chain that ties ran through the body (no amount of tail piece) only 100 were made. colors were white, black and red. 

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